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Buffy & Xander Shippers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Buffy & Xander Shippers

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Introduction/Recommendation [02 Jul 2003|05:25pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Hi. I just found this community, and it's a great find!

The reason I'm posting is that I've been following the "journals" of several of the Buffy and Angel characters here on LJ (the entire long list is at hellmouthcast) which were going real-time through the past few months of the past season. They are all very well written - I wish I had that kind of talent. The reason I bring this up is that recently, xbuffysummersx and xander__harris are actually becoming a "thing" (hooray!!) although they are being circumspect about it. Anyway, it's a good daily read and I thought your community might be interested.

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Buffy/Xander fic: [26 May 2003|12:48am]

Just posted a part of my post-Chosen B/X fic.
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Short fic: Seven Years and Counting [02 Apr 2003|10:58am]

Seven Years and Counting

I've never really understood her. Part of my initial attraction to Buffy was the 'new girl' thing. She was hot, she was interesting, and I didn't know a thing about her.
After seven years, she's still impossible to understand sometimes. She can still surprise me. Maybe if I'd ever gotten her, I would get her. Maybe if I knew her body, I could know her mind.

She frustrates the hell out of me. She confuses and annoys. She can be the most stubborn woman in the world. She falls in love with the evil dead and still manages to be the best person I know. I want to talk sense into her sometimes and I hate some of the choices she's made but...

After seven years, she's still a mystery.

I want to know her. I want to know all her quirks, her loves and hates. I still feel like I only know part of her.

Maybe that's why I can't let go.
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Xander loves Buffy! [02 Apr 2003|07:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Is this community still alive? *hopeful smile*

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Want Take Have... [26 Nov 2002|06:00pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

No one ever posts here and I was feeling creative so...


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ARGH [19 Nov 2002|10:40pm]

AHHH im so madd around here UPN shows Buffy but this week they didnt WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT
can sum1 email me the meaning of it or suttin
it would b much appreciated...

love you alwayz <333333 stevie
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Just To Annoy Sil... (just kidding!) [17 Aug 2002|01:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]

She was the first member, so I'm going to make the first post... hmm... I don't have any useful BX info *cries* Ok so... I'll post this link!


That's all!


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